We are Made of Plants and Ethical Choices

Get the scoop on herbs

We create high quality herbal extracts in a way that supports the health of our customers, our environment and our community. We believe in what nature has built over time, and this belief has shaped who we are and guided every step of how we grow, source and extract our herbs since we began years back..


Our Farm

Up in the hills of Southern Mersin sits a bustling ecosystem full of bees, birds and butterflies. Depending on the time of year, you might see herbalists, farmers and interns tending to or harvesting the vibrant fields of Certified Organic herbs that grow there.


Our Sourcing Methods

Not every herb we extract thrives in the quantities we need on our farms in the Pacific Northwest. So, we source ethically from growers and wildcrafters the world over. Then we test the herbs to make sure they meet our rigorous specifications.


Our Process

We work with more than 250 plants and each one gets its own custom extraction process. Every step of the way is thoughtful. We trust in what nature has built and tirelessly test to ensure the purity and consistent, high quality of every extract we create.

Supplement Varieties from Organic Sprout Veggie Proven and tested superior supplements for everyday living Allow your immune system to fight back and to help maintain your inner army.

Organic Bell Pepper Herbs are packed with healing, health-giving properties. While fresh is best, organic supplements is eco-friendly and Proven, tested superior supplements for everyday living.

Our highly specialized procedures have the best hands. It's amazing what a plant can do. It has polyphenols packed with immunity-boosting antioxidants with powerful TULSI and other herbs.


Fruitant market - Fruits, Vegetables & organic foods

Fruits and Vegetables

No single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. Eat plenty every day.

Organic and Natural

Isn't "natural food" just as safe and healthy as organic food? Unfortunately, natural does not mean organic.